Herjolfsnes 41

Man's outfit made from 2/2 twill, quite thin and dark brown, although the weft was slightly lighter than the warp. The wearer was a powerfully built 160cm tall man. The garment was kneelength. It was quite tight-fitting, but gets much fuller from the waist. It had by far the widest skirt of all the garments found. The sleeves are quite full and are fastened by fifteen closely placed buttons. six in all are preserved still, and they are made from wads of fabric glued together, and then covered with fabric.

It is similar in appearance to H38 and H39. The vertical seams are ornamented at the waist with rows of backstitching, similar to H38. The sleeve edges are ornamented with a row of backstitching, and the bottom hem has two rows of backstitching.

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