Arming Cote of Charles IV

The Coat Armour of Charles VI of France was probably deposited at Chartres Cathedral around 1400. "It is made of quilted white linen stuffed with wool and covered with crimson silk damask woven with medallions containing heraldic birds and beasts, interspersed with foliage. It is mid-thigh length with a scalloped lower edge, closes at centre front with 25 wooden buttons covered with the same crimson damask and has long, loose sleeves which taper to the wrist. On the left side of the garment are two slits to accomodate the straps of the sword scabbard."

The coat armour appears to be cut without a waist seam, and without any side gores. It is however difficult to tell from the picture. The armhole appears to be uncut, and the xleeve cap straight.The neck is rounded and quite high. Disc-shaped buttons below the waist and domed ones above the waist.

Coat armour of Charles VI of France Effigy of Walter von Hohenklingen, dated at approximately 1386,

showing a breastplate worn over an arming cote similar to Charles'.

Bibliography: Arms and Armour of the Medieval Knight, by David Edge and John Miles Paddock, published by Saturn Books in 1996.